Actually angels, in the forms of Gracie, Hannah, Laura and Mac!

When Rox and I were up north in August, these darlings piled out of their Daddy’s mini-van as Rox and I sat on the front porch, and proceeded to charm the pants off us. While their Daddy, Tim, was taking care of a few things around the homestead for me, they regaled us with stories and acted as if they had known us forever. They were comfortable, funny, animated, bright-eyed, and four of the nicest children I have ever met. When they mentioned they like to sing, I, of course, asked if they would sing for us. The three oldest jumped up from where they were sitting, and proceeded to sing three part harmony which caused our jaws to drop, and had me tearing up.  Rox recorded them on my iPhone. I would not have been able to hold the phone still. I will cherish that video forever.  These sweet little ladies were a gift sent to Rox and I. An unexpected, beautiful gift. I told Tim, he and his wife were doing an Ah-mazing job raising these girls. And, that he was truly outnumbered, LOL!

Of course, I just HAD to break out my camera. I’m not around children much at this point in my life, and wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to capture their beauty and wholesomeness. Mission accomplished. I sent 8 X 10’s to the family with a note of affection.

When you least expect it, Margie

17 thoughts on “FRESH FACES

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  2. hello margie! this is why i am a teacher. first, second, and third grade combined. at least ONE of those children would be in my class. also your photos are really beautiful. will you come visit me and take some pictures of my two? they don’t sing much, but one will play chess with you and the other will tell you all about algebra 2. sound good?

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