that fall is in the air!

A random showing of fall’s rich colors.

A different kind of blue sky & berries popping bright red.

Acorns and oak leaves scattered hither and yon.

Sedum just starting to show off.

56 degree mornings to walk in. Warm sun, cool breeze.


Have a lovely start to your week!


15 thoughts on “EARLY SIGNS…

  1. ahhh…nice! I don’t know about you, but we started seeing leaves turning colors here in August! That’s a first that I recall. Temperatures were still in the 90s and 100s – so it is very odd.

  2. i used to play that game with my children when we would go outside, “let’s find signs of fall!” now it’s my students. lovely. soon it will be pumpkins, but no rush. lovely photos, margie!

  3. Great reminders of what Autumn is all about. I miss the trees changing colors. When I moved to the suburbs it was a few miles from a state park. Walking on the paths in the fall was my favorite time of year. The weather wasn’t too cold and feeding the ducks and swans was a perfect way to absorb it. I miss that. Thanks for the memories.
    p.s. 85 today – hot and humid

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