This guy was in our garden and we don’t even live in a woodsy area! We sent a pic to our up north pal who promptly responded that this hunting season he would set up his blind in our yard….fat chance JP! Reminds me of the old joke…How do you tell beer nuts from deer nuts? Deer nuts are under a buck!

Hahaha, Margie

11 thoughts on “WHAT A BUCKAROO!

  1. hahahaha…..I love your joke! It’s so nice having you back, Margie! Unless you’ve been back, because I’ve been gone and wouldn’t have seen you in that case, but oh well here we are anyway. 😉 Is that a run-on sentence? lol
    A great buck indeed! Keep JP away from him….he’s too precious! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. it’s not even september and you are back. hooray!! welcome back, margie! we missed you very much. i hope you had a lovely, relaxing summer. it’s back-to-school season, so i’m cutting back to m-w-f posts. but still here. and so happy you are back. nice animal, by the way..

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