as I hung up my creative hat, and instead,

Watched the sun come up
Watched the sun go down
Watched the grass grow
Sat on the porch
Sat on the patio
Tried to catch fireflies
Hung out in the air when it was too hot to go out (which was a good portion of the summer!)
Read a dozen or more books
Got together with my girlfriends
Went north to Harbor Springs
Had many happy hours
Organized my studio (I need one more art supply like a hole in my head!)
Laughed till I cried
Enjoyed the 4th of July with BOTH kids for the first time in years
Took walks with Quincy
Watched the rain come down
Got eaten by mosquitos
Went to art galleries and art fairs
Organized my closet
Realized I really need to clothes shop
AND have Betsy be my stylist
Sent out snail mail
Got mani-pedis
Ate fresh veggies from Michael’s garden
Helped a couple of friends in need
Made a few decisions about my creative future
Got an IPhone
Howled at the moon

Sounds pretty groovy don’t you think? Ah, but now I am ready to quietly climb upon my perch (well maybe not too quietly!), get back to posting, and hanging out with you. I have made a few changes around the old homestead, opting for a less crowded and lighter feel in my beloved space. I will not put parameters on myself as to how many times per week I shall post, or join challenges, or in general, get quite as caught up in the blogisphere as I did previously, as I truly burned myself out trying to keep up with it all. So there you have it my friends. Although I did not have my camera glued to my hip during my absence (can you believe that?!), my zen eyes are starting to come back into focus. Yippee!!

Here are a couple of beauties as I welcome you back to sit alongside me on my perch, and share in the creative adventures of life I know I am meant to experience, enjoy and share.

I know you can picture me howling at this incredible moon!

And gazing thoughtfully here as the light of day fades away

Huge welcome back hugs, Margie


  1. Yay! So glad to see you! Love your photo. You are so beautiful. Your summer sounded perfect. (ex. for skeeters! ugh) I understand about not setting parameters….there should be no pressure. Let’s post when we want to and/or have time. Life comes first for all of us. On the other hand….I can’t wait to see your wonderful posts again~ (when they show up!)

  2. Sooooo good to have you back on that perch! I have missed seeing the beauty of the world through your zen eyes. xoxo

  3. MARGIE!!! So happy you are back – I have missed you ; ( Lovely post – great summary of your summer. Looking forward to seeing you regularly!

  4. Margie!! What a great surprise!! You’re back (earlier than September)!! Refreshed, renewed and ready!! It’s going to be another fab year!! XOXO

  5. I haven’t read blogs in a week or more and wouldn’t you know the morning I have a chance to read, I find my dear friend! What a glorious summer you’ve had. And you will love-love-love your iPhone if you haven’t fallen head over heals yet. Cheers martini queenie!

  6. Fun to read that very inspiring writing about your summer, you “sound” very rested and at peace with yourself. Congratulations on your new beginnings.

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