Imagine me singing the song…“When the summer’s through”….

I will be knee-deep in creativity, or not, LOL,  and come back in the Fall when the days are shorter, the nights longer, the air crisp, the colors vibrant and golden, to share what I did on my summer vacation, like a school girl. Keep me on the back burner my friends, and have a wonderful summer/winter season wherever you are making memories.

One more Zen Eyes capture for the road, and hugs all around.

Love, Margie

38 thoughts on “SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER

  1. It sounds like a lot of fun to be knee deep in creativity! Hope the larger etegami painting kit arrived for you to play with. Have a great summer and I’ll look for your postings in Sept.

  2. This is where the saying “This town’s not big enough for the both of us.” must come in. As I’m attempting to make rounds again…you are going out for a spell. Well, enjoy your summer and I’ve got some catching up to do.

  3. Oh my, it feels like the end of the school year when everyone is leaving that brick building for days of sun and fun. The problem is that everyone would leave for the summer and go to far away summer vacation homes or islands or countries. There I’d be with a bunch of books to take me away waiting for their return. I shall do the same with you. It has been a pleasure to have gotten to see youur photo’s and a bigger pleasure to have met you here on your fabulous blog.
    Happy Summer Vacation Time – AND – See You In September…..!!!! ~~~~ : – (

  4. oh margie, i’ll miss you! your joy and funny attitude make me smile. AND i’m very happy for you to have your 3d adventures this summer. come visit, will you?

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