and his proud Momma!

and me with the loves of my life!

What a grand weekend! We had so much fun! I’m back and getting squared away, so I will be by shortly to see what you have been up to. I owe you a Haiku Sunday, and  have a couple of sweet pics with my canine love (maybe obsession) besides Quincy, so stay tuned.

Bursting with affection for my family, Margie

54 thoughts on “MY MBA GRADUATE…

  1. Yay and double yay!! Many congratulations! A lovely family.
    I was away for several days on vacation and other things came up. I’m still way behind and trying to catch up.

  2. What wonderful pics of the family…. Thanks for the post, good to see the kids.. young adults… I feel like a proud Auntie…. xxx to all….

  3. Congratulations to all of you. What seemed to be a hard work (the studies) is only the beginning… but that is how it should by in a true human’s life. Take care 🙂

  4. So glad you all had a happy, fun, wonderful time! You all look so happy! Congratulations to your son on both graduation and landing a job. HooRay! Enjoy your Monday Margie, I know you will be smiling from ear to ear… 🙂

  5. wow! congratulations to him and to you, for raising such a smart, hardworking person. hooray! also you both look a little sunny, like you’d been having fun outside. that’s wonderful, too.

  6. Congrats to your handsome son on his major achievement, Margie. I hope he goes far with his new degree. You have a lovely family! No wonder you are a proud Momma! 🙂

    • Thanks Marcy. We are blessed to have each other. We don’t have extended family we are close to for the most part, so it is just the four of us. All the grandparents on both sides have been gone a long time now.

      • I know how that goes. My children no longer have their grandparents on either branch of the family tree either. It is too bad that our (both your family and mine) parents didn’t live to see their grandchildren excel. 😦

      • That is the sad cycle of life sometimes. My mother died when my youngest son was 16. My father died when he was 5, so they both missed out on most of his major achievements. Ditto for my two older boys. Mom did live long enough to attend my middle child’s wedding though. I only wish she could have met her great-grandchildren … that’s pushing it a bit. Of course, I wish they could have met her too. I suppose we have to look for that silver lining and be happy with the fact that we are here to see our children’s achievements.

  7. By the way dear Margie, your dress is amazing, am I reading wrong there is some words on your dress… as I read happy…. Fascinated me your colours and design… Beautiful.

  8. Congratulations dear Margie, this is so beautiful news… and so proud of for parents… You all seem so beautiful. Good Luck for his new life. and Blessing and Happiness for you all. Thank you, with my love, nia

  9. Congratulations and of course well done on the hard work to the deserving graduate, and proud family! Glad you all had such a good time! (Did you shed a slight tear? I know I would have . . . a happy one or two!)

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