I cannot believe I had anything to contribute this week, as I delete unfocused captures. However, I remembered that quite some time ago, I kept a few blurry photos, thinking they were kind of cool, and put them under “Zen Eyes Blurs”. Now I know why. I’d need one for this challenge. Geez, my eyes are all wonky from looking at all your blurred entries and mine!

Dizzy hugs, Margie


  1. i thought it was just me having eye issues from looking at all the punfocused photo’s.
    ~~~~~ : – )
    I’ve had to go slowly with this challenge as it has been hard to look at the images for too long. Glad I didn’t miss thi sone. Real good …..!!!!!

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  3. hey margie, happy weekend! i hope you are taking good care of yourself. interesting photo – very space-age.

  4. We’re the same, Margie. I almost automatically delete unfocused pictures. But that picture of yours looks great. The light and the sparkles contribute to its beauty.

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