My birthday is this month!
Are you kidding me, 56 big ones?
Yippee, I’m rocking my 50’s!


Etegami literally means “picture letter/message”. The first time I saw Etegami was on Fergiemoto’s blog, creativity aroused. Fergiemoto does a updated, computer generated version which is absolutely beautiful. Fergiemoto learned about Etegami from Deborah Davidson on her blog, dosankodebbie’s etegami notebook. Of course, I had to go see what it was all about. I opted for the traditional way of doing it, since I don’t know hooey about manipulating photos on a computer, and the whole concept of being free-spirited with a brush appealed to me. These are just two of dosankodebbie’s MANY glorious and clever etegami. 

Fast forward. I just got my Etegami Kit from dosankodebbie all the way from Japan!

The kit instructions are in Japanese so she translated the whole pamphlet for buyers. The following are excerpts from her wonderfully translated instructions. Maybe you’ll be inclined to give this a go!

The motto of Etegami is “it’s fine to be clumsy. It’s good to be clumsy.” (Sounds right up my alley!) What matters is whether or not you have put your heart into your painting, not whether the painting is a fine work of art. (Yup, still works for me!) Etegami is a one-shot deal; there is no underdrawing or practicing. Every time you paint an etegami, you are, so to speak, “broadcasting live.” (Uh oh!) There is no concept of a “failed” or “ruined” etegami. Every etegami you paint should be placed in the mail box and sent on its way to someone else. (Ok, I’m in!)

Then I got to the part that you are to hold the brush that you draw with lightly at the very top of the shaft. Raise your elbow, relax your fingers, arm and shoulders. (Uh oh again as my hands aren’t the steadiest to start with!)  However, by holding the brush in this manner, it makes it difficult to control, and you can draw without the mind-clutter that urges you to draw well. (Oh…) It says it allows you to draw images and words that reflect your “you-ness”. No guts no glory I say. Here’s MY “you-ness”. The blue thingy on the side was suppose to be another flower…my suspended arm decided otherwise. Ca sera sera!

I enjoyed the process and it only took me about 20 minutes! Needless to say, I am on a mission to acquire more paint colors as the kit only came with 6. You cannot mix this type of paint or apply them over each other as they get muddy. So you see, I DO need more colors!

Hugs from art supply heaven, Margie

33 thoughts on “MAY 1st & ETEGAMI

  1. This was so interesting. A walk with you down the path of creativity.
    Glad you had fun doing it. The main thing behind any art form is the
    enjoyment of doing it.
    Happy Birthday Month – may all your dreams come true – may health always
    follow you – may love become the shroud you wear.

  2. I LOVE it!!!!

    “What matters is whether or not you have put your heart into your painting, not whether the painting is a fine work of art.” – Totally agree, got to let it flow from you, THAT is what makes it art. 🙂

  3. How neat is this! I’d never heard of Etigami before your post. Your creation is beautiful.
    Happy birthday.

  4. Margie, great post! You’ve finally caught up to me in age, but I only have a few months to go before I go the next level. In the meantime, Etegami keeps me young and excited. 🙂

  5. hey margie – your new art looks like fun! and it’s pretty, too. happy early birthday. i’m 47 and catching up! joy to you.

  6. Happy Birthday dear Margie…
    This is so exciting and so nice… I have seen on dear Fergie’s blog too… You are doing great… I loved it. Thank you, with my love, nia

  7. Hi Margie, Happy Birthday month 🙂
    Your painting is awesome needless to say, your posts are always a breath of fresh air! Sooo original. Keep rocking! Much love, Pri

  8. Margie I love it! Your painting, the words are for me! I am always PROcrastinating 😀 You are having so much fun! More colors sounds like a very good thing to me Margie!!! 56! You young thing you 😆

  9. I love your painting! This even sounds like something I could do- be clumsy. I’m a pro at that! And anything that encourages me to dump the mind clutter is a big bonus

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