I love April rains
As they bring earthy fresh smells
And verdant green grass

The clouds move quickly
Covering the moon then gone
The moon’s glow returns

(A switch in my thoughts occur)

My mind is spinning
On how to juggle it all
An answer will come

Β Must make time to read
My attention span suffers
From not doing so

I am not joking
When I say I must limit
My computer time

Scrabble on the screen
Also figures in the mix
Time to take a break

Moderation rules
And always has in my life
At least until now

I know I am not the only one who struggles with this and clearly, it is on my mind. I must find a happy medium. I am working on it. I was a voracious reader a year ago. Not now. I start a book and by chapter two, I’ve lost interest. It is not about the book. It is my darting from ipad to laptop to blackberry and back, checking Words With Friends, Comments, Blog, Twitter, Google Reader, and everything in between.

I adore my blog and interacting with all of you. That includes visiting your glorious spaces and letting you know i’ve been by. I know in my heart however, that if I blog two days a week versus seven, or visit your blogs twice a week versus six days a week, you will still be my blogging buds. You are not going anywhere, anymore than I am going to ditch you if you find yourself bogged down and unable to visit me, or author a post as often as you usually do.

I think if we all lighten up on ourselves as bloggers, everything will fall into place, and we will find a rhythm that works for us. Besides, I have so many artsy fartsy thoughts going through my mind, I need time to let them out and relieve the pressure on my brain, LOL!

Thanks for listening, Margie


  1. thanks for sharing these beautiful image Margie, and your honest words.
    it is good to know that while blogging may be a passion, it is not the end-all and be-all of life. there are many other things that need doing: time with family and friends, working fulltime, shopping, laundry, gardening, sunsets to watch, flowers to water, smell and even pick, cats to scratch under the chin, dogs to pet and take for walks, children to smile at, neighbours to talk to, creating, writing, photography, etc etc. the good news is that we were never meant to cram 48 hours in a 24 hour day πŸ˜€
    and so if you have time to stop by, you are always welcome. and if you are unable to stop by, i am not offended. it is the nature of blogging. enjoy the gift of life in your corner of the planet, and be assured: no pressure!
    you have got my vote. happy blogging. sending you smiles, hugs and blessings.

  2. You read a book. I’ll read a book. We’ll discuss. In person. How conventional. How delightful. Can’t wait.

  3. Your post rings so true! So many distractions and places to check-in to. I used to post 5 times a week and now barely get 3 times a week done. And used to be good at visiting all my blogging friends who stopped in and I can’t even seem to visit regularly anymore. I wish I could, but as you state, we have to find a happy medium that works. And I’m still trying to figure that out.

  4. hi margie, you are correct. if you need to limit your time online, do it. we’ll be here! i’ve tried to stay off the computer on saturdays. it really helps. also i try to work here only when it does not take time away from my family.

    you do need to read. it’s a joy. i’m reading children’s books now to test them for my class. then i have a load of grown-up books waiting.

    so shut down for a few days – or a few days per week. do what you need to. joy to you!

  5. Margie, as a means to creativity (blogging and sharing) – it is a great and different medium. Exciting too because we are creating community, however it does take time and we need to factor this into our lives. Also, it is new and we are learning how to journey with it. Thanks for the honesty and sharing. You will not lose us. Andrea

  6. You are so correct. Thought all the stuff would make my life easier. Ha! So busy checking all the toys that I haven’t had time to even create a blog. Sigh…
    Your Haiku is apt and lovely. Happy writing and reading.

  7. When you find that happy median, Margie, would you please draw a map for the rest of us? πŸ˜‰ Great post. Love the photos and the message. I know my blogging has lagged lately. It is extremely hard to blog all day, every day. I think we would all agree on that point.

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