I owe you two weeks worth so here they are!

Color me pretty
The white space said to the brush
No expectations

No comparisons
When assessing our talents
Each have unique gifts

Comparisons bring
Nothing but insecure thoughts
Throw them to the wind

It is such a juggling act
To fit it all in

A blank white canvas
Causes me apoplexy
Quick, apply color!

Don’t throw it away!
Make the boo-boo the focus
It usually works!

Relinquish control
Use the tool with abandon
See, no harm no foul

Butterflies flitting
Birds singing their happy tunes
Spring’s sweet smell wafting

The grass grows in tufts
Creating undulation
In the green carpet

Phlox grows between rocks
Their beautiful, rich colors
Seeking attention

Pink, pink and more pink
In varying shades abound
Spring speaks in pink tones

Gardener’s delight
Knowing the planting season
Has knocked on their door

Dandelions grow
Creating yellow patches
Pretty but pesty

Playgrounds come to life
With the sights and sounds of tots
Cooped up way too long

Creatively springy hugs, Margie

25 thoughts on “HAIKU SUNDAY X 2!

    • Thanks Fergiemoto! Yes, they are mine. Free spirited and a bit of collage which helped. I feel like I struggle when it comes to painting in just about any medium. I try though. I adore it all. My actual drawings skills are not good. Struggle, struggle.

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  2. margie – i love the “you have to be yourself and not compare” ones – and the “get the white paper wet” ones the best. i had a watercolor painting teacher who told us not to buy expensive paper because then we would not want to make mistakes on it or get going. “one of your jobs as a painter is to cover the white,” he would say. ah. i need to post about him. one day. joy to you!

  3. lovely watercolors, Margie. the boo-boo haiku I take to heart! and I can’t go without saying I love your comments comment -much the same for me but I couldn’t put it as well as you. rectangular eyes!

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