Always learning, changing, growing and exploring.

Join me on my journey, Margie


  1. Wow, that’s a really cool sculpture! Nice one to represent the theme. We are all continually changing. Life constantly presents us with a need to revisit our plans, at least in my experience.

    • Thanks suellen! At first I was playing with scrabble tiles on material that said “Life Itself is a Journey”, but then I remembered the photo of the sculpture and it all came together. I truly love that sculpture.

  2. And what a wonderful adventure it can be MM.
    Love this capture today and the inspired artist who created that terrific sculpture.
    Ay carumba!

  3. that’s so very true. life itself is a journey.
    at times colourful, at times a bit dissapointing.
    but it is a journey of self discovery.
    it’s a journey of learning from our own mistakes
    and from mistakes of others too 🙂

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