HA! Made you look!


44 thoughts on “I’M GOING IN CIRCLES!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blogs Margie, love your photos and great to see you are fan of haiku as well.
    I love the haiku of Basho , a very earthy chap!

  2. hello margie – the ferris wheel is in chicago, right? it’s awesome. been on it on a chilly day, and my husband was calling people from the top – “guess where we are??” i was telling him to hang up and enjoy the ride! lovely photos. happy almost-friday!

  3. The beautiful pictures of circles remind of a beautiful quote “If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end.”


  4. That Farris wheel looks a lot safer than any of the ones I’ve ridden … and a lot bigger. Circles are pretty cool, when you stop and think about all of their design uses. This is an interesting post, Margie. Good Job! 🙂

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