“Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew…”Margie

44 thoughts on “MEET LOVELY LILY

  1. Lillis have always been among my favorites. They’re beautiful, easy to grow, and come back year after year. What’s not to love? Your Lillis are lovely with their little freckled faces.

      • They can always be potted, and handed out as gifts when time to thin. I’d rather deal with too many, than not enough. When I thinned my Iris, I had plenty of takers, so the problem was minor.

      • That’s a good idea Marcy, but I don’t think I have enough friends to give them away to, LOL! No, we have plenty of space to have many, but they really do spread like wildfire.

  2. Perfect ““Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew…”Margie”
    Awesome photos. Lilies are some of my favorite flowers. Ahhhh breathtaking. 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you, lovely Lily! I saw many lilies but this is dear Margie’s and I can say the most beautiful one… Thank you dear Margie, with my love, nia

  4. She is a lovely Lily. I was happy to read that she wasn’t showing her lovely flower face in your garden because it is getting late and I am already befuddled and our lilies are no where near ready to pop up and say hey! I was thinking there is no way no how you could have lilies in the garden yet. Oh my. I. am. rambling. Time to say good night……
    Nice to meet you Lily!

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