for YOUfer!

Feeling silly, Margie

29 thoughts on “A TWOFER

  1. aweseome, margie! sorry i’ve been away – easter break is coming… these photos are so real, and fast (watch out for that truck!) and the sun is really the star of the show (pun intended).

    joy to you!

  2. How did you do that without getting run over. You must have nerves of steel. You’ve seen the pics on my blog. I have to photoshop all of them just so you can tell what they are. This is great.

  3. Margie that shot of the sun shining its happy self on the side of the truck is A-mazing!!!! How come you have all those dramatic clouds and we have blueblue sky? Not that I am complaining but I would like to snap a picture with some clouds bumping around!

  4. You’re funny! Thanks for the laugh!
    Love the photos! I’m partial to the sunset on the highway….I love it…you caught “action” in the stillness of sunset!

  5. Thanks for the double dose! 🙂
    Both are great shots, but i favor the second one. . . . something about hanging out the window with a big semi pulling up beside you, just so you can get a shot of the sunset really appeals to me. 😀

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