Air is so fresh
Purple posies are everywhere
Revel in spring delights
I love April showers
Longer days filled with joy

I went out walking
Totally unencumbered
The sun on my face

Walking late evening
Sets the tone for restful sleep
The birds sing night night

No, no, we won’t go!
The spring buds cry in protest
After the first frost

I sit with my tea
The sun shining through the pane
Good morning to me!

Spring rains bring freshness
Urging winter’s sleeping bear
To wake up and play

Spring brings a fresh look
To the fading winter scene
The earth comes alive

Seeing through zen eyes
Is how I look at the world
Moment by moment

ย Margie

45 thoughts on “APRIL 1st & HAIKU SUNDAY

  1. Words are dancing like in the heaven
    Flowers dropped from my screen
    How beautiful morning touches
    Fascinated me your Spring
    Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. Nice welcome to April! Great photos and haiku as usual. April 1 fooled us – we woke up to snow this morning after a nice, warm, sunny Spring day yesterday.

    • Thanks T. Actually the frost took the magnolia overnight. I had time to enjoy its beauty though, and they don’t last very long under normal circumstances. Everything else seems to have fared well.

  3. Lovely Magie! Perfect!! I started my morning here. I am ready for April. March was fantastic and I expect no less from April! I just love SUNDAYS! Such peace and happiness in nature. Enjoy your first day of April Margie!

  4. Love your photos! The budding tree…so lovely! The dew on the petal…gorgeous. The sun was out???? I guess it did come out in the late PM here.
    Are those pansies? I just love their little faces! Such a pretty color! Nice post!

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