What is it about the light at the end of the day? Sweet dreams, Margie

53 thoughts on “REMAINS OF THE DAY

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  2. i have been trying to wean myself from overusing the word ‘wonderful’ because i want it to remain significant, but if i was using it again – it would definitely be used here. are your magnolias blooming already? these are so lovely. all the blossoms are great!
    ours are not quite as far along yet.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Well thank you for thinking this post worthy of using it again Kris! The frost did get them pretty quickly, but their blooms don’t last long even without the frost. What a magnificent tree magnolias are.

  3. OOH I love flowers and all the flowers you photographed are just beautiful. I have been struggling with my garden because there is lot of termite. I have been struggling with the Haiku form of creative writing too…..yours are very good. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it.

  4. Your buds are a’ bloomin’ so nicely. They are gorgeous…and your photos are magnificent.
    I love the time of day you shot these. So soft and sublime…. a perfect spring post.

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  6. exactly. we’re seeing and enjoying the same thing.

    btw – conference wonderful – and relaxing more now. thanks for your understanding!

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