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It’s endless and fun!



  1. Margie…I just love what you’ve done. If you don’t mind a copy-cat….I’d love to do something like this on our trip south in a week. You just inspire me so much with all you do!
    I loved your NYC urban offerings, and now Chicago! I just love this idea.

    They are so fresh and new, even though they are old and trod upon at times. It’s the concept I’m talking about…and I just can’t get enough of it! Thanks for a super post!

    • Thank you so much Judy! I was inspired by my friend Chuck who has a blog called Urban Fragments. Check out my post “I was Inspired” which I did about 3 weeks ago. I am tickled you are inspired by mine. I am hooked on this as well. It’s a wonderful way to look at your surroundings no matter where you are. I like to think I put my own spin on it.

  2. Margie l love photography like this and yours is outstanding. I love the blue bird. I think this type of work shows so much about a city. A brilliant post that must have taken you ages :-)

    • Oh Gilly thanks, but didn’t take me long at all. I take the picture the way you see it. I don’t alter them. I just focus on what I want the snippet to be, and that’s that! Then, through Iphoto I group them into an event and upload them that way onto WordPress and put in a slideshow. So much fun!

  3. It’s amazing how different things look when you get way up close, and personal, isn’t it, Margie? These shots were/are extremely interesting when you get right up on them. Not something most of us would think of doing … until now. Good job, and a great eye. Cool post all the way around! Thanks for sharing.

    • All Chicago T. It’s fun to see the difference. New York is so much edgier. I had to look harder in Chicago. New York is a urban photographer’s paradise. I still have some sweet captures left to share from Chicago. Stay tuned!

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