Countin’ flowers on the wall
That don’t bother me at all
Playin’ solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one
Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo
Now don’t tell me, I’ve nothing to do 

Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. Like now, how I thought of this old song by the Statler Brothers and decided to post the chorus, which except for watching Captain Kangaroo, has nothing to do with me whatsoever. Hmmm.

Chicago was 80 degrees and sunny the entire time. Everybody had their outside seating in full swing, wanting to take advantage of the good weather Mother Nature has seen fit to bestow upon us. Our best meal (which is always saying something in Chicago) was at Shaw’s Crab House. What a cool beans place it is. We can’t believe we didn’t know about it until this visit! When in Chicago, you will know where to find us!  We started in the bar and had reservations for dinner in the restaurant. Can’t say enough.

We also saw It was fantastic! Amazing talent performing skits that were oh so current in subject matter. Don’t miss it if you find yourself in Chicago my friends. We laughed non-stop.

Here’s a pic of us in New York, where the weather was still awesome for this time of year, but not in the 80’s. Every now and then we get one of us, but usually I am the one with the camera so you know how that goes. Besides, Michael always says he doesn’t show up on film.

Fun times, Margie


  1. I found your blog through Christina at Soul Aperture. So glad I did! I love haiku, so I will be stopping back! This post made me smile. This is a song my husband will sing or hum, then it gets stuck in my head! (He shares a birthday with Captain Kangaroo, I guess that’s why he likes it 🙂

    • First of all, I love Christina. Can anyone say it just like her? And when she talks Jamaican….swoon. Kathy I am so glad you stopped by and let me know you were here. I have to crack up about your husband sharing a birthday with the Captain! Too funny. Look forward to seeing you back here real soon!

    • You know, it’s the midwestern thing. People that hail from the midwest are usually friendly and lower key. You must go for sure. When you do, don’t miss going to Shaw’s Crab House!!

  2. Loved Captain K. Esp when all the ping pong balls would fall. There was laughter from off screen and the K could not keep a straight face. In my child’s mind I figured it was the cameramen and production crew. See I caught on to this “adult” stuff fairly early.

  3. Great photos and beautiful flowers. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Cool!
    That’s one of my favorite old songs. It’s so fun and silly. lol 🙂

  4. You two look lovely, Margie. Awesome times. When I get the chance to visit Chicago, I’ll keep this in mind. 😀 Oh, and the flowers are picturesque.

  5. Beautiful flowers, oooh…I love the pink ones !
    Sounds like you had a great time. I’ll go to Chicago one day, it’s on my “to do” list !
    Have a nice week-end !

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