A day at the park
People frolicking about
Thinking it is spring

Thunderstorm today
What? In the middle of March?
Feels like a time warp

The sun so blinding
I must close my eyes to see
A kaleidoscope

The buds are popping
The soil of the earth yielding
To their need to grow

Speaking of growing
Do we ever really stop?
I surely hope not!

The camera lens
Allows me to clearly see
Life through my zen eyes

Green is everywhere
As pops of color burst forth
Early gifts to all

Enjoying every minute, Margie

32 thoughts on “HAIKU SUNDAY

  1. Lovely images in your photos and words! Our spring plants are peeking through the ground now, but as I type this, we have large snowflakes falling and the weather has gotten colder today. Looks like Spring will arrive with snow.

  2. Isn’t spring glorious! Beautiful photos. I’m taking it all in and rejoicing that for three weeks there will be no papers to write, projects to complete, or deadlines to worry about. AND, it is springtime to boot! Love this post. πŸ™‚

  3. lovely collection of spring and frolic haiku:

    The sun so blinding
    I must close my eyes to see
    A kaleidoscope

    it’s so nice to see gorgeous flowers blooming somewhere, already!

    Margie, thank you so much for spending time on my blog. your comments on ‘about’ are encouraging to me.

    Blessings, Susan

    • And thank YOU for being here Susan. It was my pleasure. I only speak from my heart. I am looking forward to getting to know you. Isn’t it fun to make new blogging buds?

  4. Are those little wild violets? We have something similar under our oaks trees. We had terrible storms here Margie. ALL day! Hail three different times and our electricity went off twice. AND worst of all our Linksys was knocked off for a short time! Sun came out just before sunset! Today should be beautiful, the storms made the Red Bud and Dogwood pop! Enjoy your Sunday Margie. Love the fifth and last haiku!

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