For all to enjoy!

Weekend hugs, Margie

26 thoughts on “URBAN OFFERINGS – NEW YORK

  1. wow! a whole montage of urban life. wonderful post, Margie.
    i like the photo of the colorful woman (for lack of a more poetic description), and metal junk – i’m a junki-ie.

  2. enjoyed these all but oh look at that second one, so interesting with all that metal, and that window shot so pretty, and oh and look at that beautiful header.. wow.. ; )

  3. OOoooooo! Margie! Middle is my favorite now that I see it as your lovely header! Your series of urban offerings are edgy(BOLD as defined by Mama Merriam-Webster)and great captures! The squirrel mural is awesome. Geesh Margie you saw so many wonderous things on your trip!

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