Always mesmerizing to me.


Whoops, accidentally published this post before I was ready! ENERGY SAVING TIP: Unplug your phone charger from the wall when you aren’t using it. I didn’t realize it uses as much juice when it isn’t charging your phone as when it is! It would never have occurred to me. I ALWAYS left it plugged in. Not any more.

24 thoughts on “CITY SKYLINES

  1. oh oh, i must unplug mine then, thanks for that. beautiful skylines, me too, love that last one the best, but they are all great.. ; )

  2. I wonder what it is about skylines? Perhaps the imaginings of all the lives going on within. Well crafted and beautiful photos. thanks.

  3. It’s first, last, middle for me! 🙂 Or last, first, middle….I just like the trio Margie! Skyline shots are just a joy to view because we don’t see much city skyline here. I am needing a BIG CITY trip! Enjoy your Friday Margie!

  4. Skylines are so pretty and can appear so different throughout the day. Great tip about phone charger. There are a lot of little things like that we can do to save energy.

  5. Great skyline shots! I really like the sunset shot in the first photo. The clouds really add to the character of the photo. Good tip about the phone charger. I didn’t realize it used that much electricity either.

  6. They’re all great but I like the second one. I like the shape and flow of the roofs. I never leave any chargers plugged in, I was always worried they’d overheat and start a fire. Poor Dummy is flammable so I always unplug. 😀

  7. My favorite is the first one because of what I think might be a water tower. I like water towers and I don’t really know why. Maybe because I like to drink water?

  8. Love skyline shots, nice! I heard from someone about leaving the charger plugged in/draws more electric, I didn’t know whether to believe them but I have been unplugging it ever since. So good, I have been saving on my electric bill! 🙂

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