I got my header from the lower level at the recently sold Hotel Williamsburg, now King & Grove in Brooklyn. Jeez Louise, we were just there! Quick turnover!

and this is the year round heated pool area

and a couple of shots of the room

I said it was hip and so Williamsburg! Check out the new website for more photos. I already showed you my rooftop captures which rocked like this hotel!

Where are my Converse sneakers? Margie


  1. SSSssoooo – funny and eery weird. I had no idea Williamsburg had changed so much. I did not live in the area you were probably in. I grew up in an orthodox jewish neighborhood. Brownstones and nice little picket fence in front but it was not considered a tourist area. I had heard about Art Districts popping up in the warehouses. Many artist migrated ther because of the close proximity to Manhattan. My my how life changes …. and …. how ironic to connect on-line with someone who visited there,
    Very nice …

  2. What a great old place to visit. 🙂 Wonderful photos.
    That’s a really artsy bottle. lol Looks like “it be fir pirates” 😉

  3. Very hip. Great photos as usual. The space is really nice. Yes, the crystal vodka bottle (I think that’s what it is and Noah does have one.) You had a record player in your room? Cool, were there more records then Steely Dan to play on it?

    • I forget what the other one was, but they also had a vinyl compilation of songs for sale in the minibar for twenty bucks, which I though was a cool beans idea. I would have guessed Noah had one of those skull vodkas! I would imagine people bring their own if they have them too.

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