without pigeons


 fire escapes


food trucks
funky shoes
fun facts
subway entertainment
stairs going down to storage
The Shake Shack
Certainly not New York!

43 thoughts on “WHAT is NEW YORK…

  1. Oh how I loved this post ! With these photos you captured the essence and spirit of New-York. I loved all the photos and especially the Flatiron building !

  2. I love the funky shoes .I`m wearing that kind of shoes everywhere
    I see a new design here unique converse 🙂

  3. More bird feets! Yes I have a thing for bird feeties, came from owning a Green Cheek Conure by name of Bud. His feet were darling. Margie these are some stunning photographs! The shots of buildings are breathtaking and yes! to “drink beer, talk later”. Shoes!! The Shake Shack!!! What a cool post to feast my eyes on this morning. I am ready for more….

  4. awesome, just awesome shots, margie! the flags, steeple, beer sign, fire escapes, weird shoes – just wonderful! you have a fine eye for beauty and composition. thanks for sharing!

  5. Great collection of photo’s that speak of the essence of New York. You made me miss my home town. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I still love my new home town – the suuny world paradise of Florida.
    Nice and creative … well done

  6. Wow you got some amazing shots. I bet you all was exhausted after that much sight-seeing. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. 🙂

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