of Hotel Williamsburg in Brooklyn. What you don’t see is a fabulous rooftop bar which will be hoppin’ as soon as it opens for the season! Fun, funky and hip, just like Williamsburg!


32 thoughts on “UP ON THE ROOF…

  1. Loved the night views from your hotel in Brooklyn! We used to live in Brooklyn 45 years ago when I was a student at Pratt Institute–boy has it changed! We’ll be going to NYC in April to visit our daughter who lives in Brooklyn and we’ll need a place to stay–perhaps we’ll check out Hotel Williamsburg and that fabulous roof-top bar!

    • Hey Chuck! Settled back into your normal life? I will fill you in on the hotel if you are interested in staying there. Wish the bar wold have been open this past weekend!! Stay tuned for a special post inspired by you my friend!

      • Yes, fill me in on the hotel and we’ll check it out.
        We’ll be in NYC mid-April and will need a place to stay.
        Look forward to seeing your special post!
        No rest for the weary travelers–we returned only 4 days before the opening of “Body of Evidence” my 25th solo show. Send email address and I’ll send
        images, announcement and review.

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