First stop, Hollander’s!

First Floor: Paper everything, which includes the best selection of handmade papers on the planet! Well, maybe not the planet, but nothing I’ve seen in New York or Chicago holds a candle and that’s saying something. You have to see it to believe it!

Then upstairs to the kitchen department!       

Next door is 16 Hands Gallery, another store filled with treasures.


         What more could I ask for? Color, texture, furnishings, jewelry, accessories, books, kitchen ware, pottery and did I mention papers?

Ann Arbor rocks, Margie


  1. Oh no! How have I missed Hollander’s? Oh dear….this could be an expensive trip…I just love paper goods….your photos were making me drool. Need to go there. Hmmm going to Metro on Friday…..:)
    Ann Arbor Rocks…you bet!

    • You will go crazy! That whole area of Kerrytown is so cute. In warm weather, the farmers’ market is in full swing right there too. But don’t wait that long to go, LOL! Let me know what you think.

  2. do you think all artists love paper and pens/markers/brushes like we do? margie, i haven’t painted in forever, but it makes me so happy just to sit and draw for a few minutes. one day – one day, i’m going to join your art club and paint. these places look lovely – inviting, creative, and inspiring. glad you got there!

  3. Whoa, how cool is that all in one place?!!! Great shots. I think I would have sensory overload in there. I can hear me now saying “Ooh, I love that. Ooooh, I love that! Oooh, i love that too! And that!!”. Haha. LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing this day trip with us. The colors and textures and variety is amazing. Your photos are so bright and cheerful. I know it must’ve been a really enjoyable day-trip. 🙂

  5. I agree with you Margie, I have been there and it is difficult to leave the store…. I compare it with a kid going to Disneyland!! sooo much fun for people like us 🙂
    …I need to go back!

  6. How awesome to experience those quaint shops! Also, a crafters heaven! So, I’m curious about the middle-upper photo in your header. I see a stamp – is it yours? I ask because it looks like the Japanese hiragana character for “ma”.

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