Without question, I indulge myself in everything artsy fartsy!

Creative hugs, Margie


  1. how fun!
    i was about to wander over to your blog to see if you had any suggestions for a challenge, however the official one was up. so here i am, enjoying all the colours.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I might have to break down a buy a set of markers, after drooling over yours. Even just doodling is relaxing if you lack room to spread out. What inspiration!.

      • One of my favorite pieces that my mother threw together in about 3 hours was with pentel markers on typing paper. She was ‘playing’. I had the work framed and triple matted. It is a breathtaking scene of 2 cabins on a mountain side in the snow. Mom was a professional artist and through her lifetime did hundreds of paintings, yet the ‘marker’ drawing remains one of my favorites to this day. And believe me, she did some wonderful work. I look at those markers, and the inspiration indeed, does flow. Thank you for bringing back such fond memories.

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