At the end of a glorious day in February. Incredible.


43 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW

  1. I like very much the view from your window Margie! February has been beautiful in MissouREE too. Yesterday was amazing until the cold front blew in. CH was washing a vehicle at 11am, 60 something degrees and at 3 we were sitting out Under the Oaks with a glass of sweet wine and it was 71. By 5 it was 56! I think I see buds on the tree to the left in your lovely pink cloud sky. Could that be?

  2. Great colors and photos … Love looking through your
    I adore the month of September, but its sunsets in February has a delicacy that I love!
    The days are getting longer. Today at 6 pm the sun illuminated the sky in red :-)!
    (yes, bellissimo)

  3. I’ll bet actually being there to take this shot was phenomenal. I’ve tried so many times to capture sunsets, and it is almost impossible to do since the colors vary minute by minute. But still, a beautiful attempt at catching mother nature strutting her stuff.

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