seems more like winter
the snowy backdrop present
a lovely white veil

snow glorious snow
with the sun, a blinding glare
welcoming shadows

a day for roses
and sentiments about love
why not all year long?

silence is golden
I seek the silence I crave
creating mind space

can’t wait for New York!
a visit coming shortly

big city life rocks!
at least for several days
then back to my life

yes my life rocks too
but in a calm, peaceful way
so grateful, so blessed


38 thoughts on “HAIKU SUNDAY

  1. can’t wait for New York!
    a visit coming shortly

    Coming to NY? Yay! You have to go to the Met while you’re here they have an exhibit of portraits: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2011/the-renaissance-portrait-from-donatello-to-bellini And make sure you go see the Turners! I think they’re on the second floor to the right, two rooms back. Well the peeps there know where everything is. πŸ™‚

    And if you are interested in oil paint – Vasari, at 323 W. 39th St. is supposed to have fabulous paint, I haven’t been yet but it has been recommended to me by a few people.

  2. I really admire how you find such beauty in the everyday things the rest of us walk by . Such talent! That is a lovely photo You should make it into a card!

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