Diane is a mentor, artist, teacher, art recovery expert, hanger of gallery shows, and more importantly, my friend. When I started my blog two years ago, it was Diane who, without fail, would leave a comment or six for every post I did,  wanting me to know someone was listening. Diane and a small handful of non-blogging buddies saw me through the lean times, and I know they are still out there cheering me on from the sidelines. I appreciate their continued support more than they could ever know. Diane is going to scream when she realizes I pulled her name from the hat! The only problem with give-aways is I wish everyone who participated could win.

To the incredible blogging friends I have made around the world since then, thank you again for welcoming me into this amazing family I so enjoy being a part of.

Artsy Fartsy Update: I made the fabric board in the photo above which hangs in my studio. Having a ball adding treasures to it. And, this pastel I titled “Gone Shelling” got juried into the Student Show at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center where I take my beloved art (therapy) classes on Mondays. The opening reception is tonight. Wish you all could join me! Have a wonderful weekend.


44 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. This is wonderful Margie and it brings back memories of my lean days and the 1-2 friends who helped support my effort too. Excellent creative work here. Finally catching up on blogs… 3 down 500+ to go. 😉

  2. I read this post …
    you’re an artist? are attending an art class.
    How wonderful, I wish I could … I have the opportunity to enroll
    a painting course … Here where I live there is a teacher. It’s called Pollacci
    and is a very joyful.
    Maybe I’ll do 70 years, never say never.
    I wish you lots of great serenity.
    I was lucky to meet you
    even though we speak two different languages ​​… google helps me.

    I’ve already said that I would like to photograph your blog and compose a picture
    As is my style?
    If you disagree let me know.
    I did it with Mr. Cardinal,
    baci (kiss)

    • It is never too late my friend. I am 55 and more creative than I’ve ever been in my life. It is helpful I have the time to devote to my passions as well.

      I too, am very thankful our paths crossed. I look forward to your beautiful, enthusiastic comments and bright spirit Vento. And, yes, you may do a collage of my blog if you wish and link it back. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  3. i LOVE it when someone so meaningful and loyal wins a giveaway! congrats to diane!!! a month or so ago, my first blog follower (besides family and friends) won one of my drawings. i was elated!

    your drawing is SO beautiful. the lighting you captured is serene and hopeful and gorgeous.

  4. OMG OMG OMG…….I am doing “The Happy Dance” in my jamies! Thank you so much for the wonderful note. I am so grateful to have all of my art students/ friends/ therapy buddies/cheerleaders. It is hard to explain to anyone what goes on in our classroom! I love my vocation…thank you Margie for being a part of it. xoxoxo!

  5. Congratulations to Diane! You are so right about how blogging opens us to so many friends around the world! BTW, I wasn’t aware of where in MI you were located. I lived in Southfield for four years, until about five years ago when we moved to MD, then VA, and now OH. I still have dear friends in your neck of the woods! Small world.

  6. Congratulation to the winner! But where the link to Diane blog’s? Did she have one? I would like to visit her. Have fun to the art opening tonight, Margie, you’ll make lots of interesting peaple.

    Have a wonderful week-end! xx

  7. Well very big congratulations to Diane! She sounds like a busy talented interesting lady and if she is your friend she must be special. The dingy in pastels is very cool. You surprise me everyday Margie and put a smile on my face. Hope you an “artsy fartsy” great good time last night “. 😀

  8. I love the dinghy. You do amazing work, Margie! Congrats on getting into the juried art show! That is fantastic! And your fabric board is awesome. Enjoy yourself tonight! PS. I see we are about 2 hours apart. 😉

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