and a budding beauty

Captured February 9th. Where am I?

I will announce the winner of my give-away Friday. I can’t wait to see who wins either!


25 thoughts on “PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW

  1. Pussywillows are a popular etegami subject in the spring and your photo makes me itch to draw them. However we won’t be seeing them in our part of the country till April. ;p
    On the other hand, I’ve never seen those pretty white flowers, but I think I know what they’re called (snowdrops?) because so many of my western artist friends are painting them these days. Is it really already spring there? (sigh)

  2. beautiful nature shots, margie. it’s fairly cold here, but no snow. lots of mud. must go running. i hope you are well and enjoying your art, friends, etc. happy thursday!

    • Okay, between you and T, I keep having to double check what I posted, LOL! That is a branch from a magnolia tree in our yard, believe it or not. That’s why I’m not sure where in the heck I am!

    • It IS unbelievable Cecilia! We gotten a couple of inches twice and it hardly lasts as the temps are so high for this time of year it melts. Last night it rained and today is misty, so, what little we have left will be gone again.

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