I flipped when I realized the snow around Quincy’s nose was in the shape of a heart. I think it may be his gift to me since he usually runs in the opposite direction when I point my camera at him! Aw, thanks QB. And, I couldn’t have planned a better greeting for you! I choose to think this day is about having a happy heart, so here’s to happy hearts around the world!


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50 thoughts on “HAPPY HEARTS DAY!!

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  2. Quincy is cute. I spent Valentine Day’s evening sharing biscuits with a stray doggie on a beach in Mumbai, India. I meet him whenever I go for my walks there and he recognises me. I need to pat him and talk to him first else he refuses the offer of my biscuits. I came to your blog from the comments you left on Dilip Naidu’s blog and I am so glad to meet you and of course Quincy.

  3. OMG Margie!! I’m just thinking Quincy is smarter than you think!! He KNEW what he was doing!! He had to get the snow ‘just right’. He’s an artist, too! Figured out a way to give you a valentine!! Smart (artistic) dog!

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