Quincy sits atop
His favorite comfy chair
Guarding his kingdom

Pink flower petals
Made transparent by sunshine
Visual beauty

My head nods forward
Dozing after a long day
Sleep is what I need

The clock strikes midnight
The moon hangs bright in the sky
My mind starts to slow

Eying the colors
Adding them to my paint brush
Creating visions

Relinquish control
Just be one with my paint brush
See where it takes me

Quincy loves the snow
He pushes his nose through it
Just like snow plow


28 thoughts on “HAIKU SUNDAY

  1. Your Haikus lead me to believe you had a lovely Sunday! Quincy cracked me up. I see a bit of your watercolor and it looks like a purple Iris. No matter the flower, it makes me think SPRING! We have 2-4 inches of s.n.o.w. coming supposedly.

  2. Oh Margie, beautiful beautiful poems. The photo of Quincy made me smile (typing this comment I had to go back up and take a few more looks at the beautiful expression on his face.) It is wonderful to see your creative tools, a lovely visual for me.
    This is for the handsome Quincy, ‘G’day fella’

  3. Margie the Marvelous you make me smile,
    I truly love your writing style.

    As for Quincy’s beard of snow,
    It’s a sight to make a young heart glow.

    Fill your day with paint this day,
    May joy alight & come to stay.

  4. Margie…I love your photos! Quincy is adorable and reminds me of our schnauzer, who did the same “snow plow” thing! Nice to see your art studio….something I’d like to get back into.
    Your Haiku is great! I love these lines: “Pink flower petals…Made transparent by sunshine…
    Visual beauty”. Lovely. You are painting images in my mind with your words. The other part I love is …”my head nods forward”…oh can I relate! Great post!

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