Big, fluffy snowflakes
Falling gently to the ground
Soft as a pillow

The branches laden
With the snow from yesterday
Droop toward solid earth

A dichotomy
Winter one day, spring the next
I just shake my head

The birds are rockin
Singing like opera stars
Music to my ears

A creative soul
Met me for lunch in the form
Of a special friend

The coffee is hot
My computer is humming
A call to order

Saturday hijinks
Sure suit my playful nature
Let the games begin!

Tweet, Margie

36 thoughts on “HAIKU SUNDAY

  1. hello margie,
    lovely photos – didn’t read the poems yet because we’re heading to a superbowl party and i need to finish my school preparations. BUT i have a question you know the answer to –
    when you re-do your header, what size do you use? i made mine in picnik, and someone told me the numbers to put in, but now i don’t remember. do you know? joy and blessings! n

  2. loved all your haiku walk-thrus but the last photo of the vintagey birds made me go “oh!” i love bird statues. used to collect birds and duck decoys. kind of stopped due to too much ‘stuff’ but still have my faves around me.

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