Feels like spring!?
Everyone who reads this is MY VALENTINE!
Beware of cupid’s arrow!
Ready or not?
Unleash your inner child
Allow yourself to___________ (fill in the blank)
Revel in wonder
Young at heartย 

I embraced my inner child and bought this because it reminded me of Spirograph when I was a kid. You can tell from my designs, I am still trying to control the motion and not feeling my way through the process. It was my first attempt in many, many years, but it was fun and brought back memories. I will practice learning to relax my hand and be in the moment with it. I should have gotten the vintage set like I had when I was a kid. Sometimes I forget you can find ANYTHINGย on the internet!

I have a question for you. With picnik closing, do any of you have another site to recommend that is user friendly for making collages, adding text and putting frames on things?

Wishing you a grand start to leap year February, Margie

50 thoughts on “FEBRUARY

  1. For those who asked, an internet search for Spirograph turns up a lot of options, including quite a few on Amazon. I don’t believe any of the modern versions include pushpins to hold the gears in place due to safety concerns, which makes holding things steady harder than it was with sharp dangerous objects. I bought a couple of vintage sets with pins several years ago and combined parts to wind up with a full set. Not that I’m obsessive at all…
    My favorite pens to use are the Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pen, Micro Point that come in a set of 7 colors. If you’re not an uber-geek like me, the Klutz Press book shown above is a good option.
    Your vocabulary word for the day is hypotrochoid.

    • Well there you have it…everything you ever wanted to know about finding a Spirograph option, including pens that work the best! Yippee I say, as the pens that came with the Klutz Press version don’t work too swift. Thanks Peggy!

  2. I love to let my little inner monkey loose. My favorite is making those loom potholders. Silly, I know, but I love em. And now that you mention it…February is the perfect month to weave one.

  3. hi margie, do they make spirograph anymore? i would like to do it and think my kids would enjoy it – even though they are fairly big. also love the poem. smilebox, huh? but what size do you cut out? i don’t know. do you? happy wednesday!

  4. Allow yourself to___________ (fill in the blank)
    Laugh and be silly sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the poem. You’re our special Valentine too.
    I always wanted a spirograph. They always looked like such good fun to me.
    I love your designs and spirals they are totally groovy!

  5. what a wonderful post. it brings back childhood memories.
    i remember those spiral flowery artistic ‘toy’
    That was the only toy I remember getting from my father. So it was kind of special.
    And it was like the one thing to help pass time.
    nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. you made me laugh with the spirograph! loved that thing! ๐Ÿ™‚ and the video was cute, too.

    i cheat and use smilebox to make my collages for my headers (load up pics, then snip out the portion i want as a .jpg to post to my blog).

  7. Oh man does this look fun! I think I need this toy myself! And the glittery pens to go with!
    I am a little bummed about Picnik myself. I guess I’ll just have to use Photoshop now…hmm not sure.

  8. beautiful, brings me back to my childhood. i must look into getting a set, my grand children and i would enjoy : )

    • Thanks sweets! And I will check out Smilebox for sure. I forgot about it. I think I looked at it back when, but was so happy with picnik, I didn’t bother about it. I appreciate the suggestion.

  9. Wow, that is real pretty spriographs! And I love your February poem too.
    I would also like to know another site that does collages. Piknik was great. Thanks!
    Happy Valentine!

    • Hey there Sunshine! Thanks for being here. Felicity reminded me about Smilebox. We will both have to check it out. I remember it being similar to Picnik, but I stuck with Picnik. Oh well, no more!

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