Seeing double, Margie


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  2. Are your cheeks hurting yet? If not, here’s one more. Great shots – wonderful colours & compositions. I wish my laptop screen was just a bit bigger so I could take in the full effect of the oranges. They seem to defy gravity. 🙂

  3. hello margie – they look warm and fresh and colorful – just what we need in the winter. also healthy! i hope you are staying well and enjoying your week. enjoy your sunshine!

  4. It is magical! Amazing reflection images. I’m thinking a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses~for the reflections you know 😉 I mean the island is magical at 8 in the morning but I bet it would be cool! I love the third photo.

  5. Margie – I love these shots – I want to try and do a sketch with watercolors from the bottom photo with the glasses – are you down with that?

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