Ahh, Margie

49 thoughts on “WALK ABOUT THE LAKE

  1. Beautiful and peaceful shots – I LOVE the footprints in the snow!! We’re sweltering here in West Australia and your snow scenes remind me that the world is a big planet. Blessings Margie,

  2. Bee-u-tiful! Love your shot of the cattails and the little feetie prints in the snow. I enjoyed you walkabout the lake 🙂 No snow in MissouREE but not complaining! I wouldn’t mind a little skiff of snow but no more!

  3. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk-a-bout. I can almost feel the crush of snow beneath my feet and the cold air and it’s so refreshing. You’re photos are wonderful. 🙂

  4. Ay carumba it really is cold in your pocket MM!

    You’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to take some secateurs to a little waterway up the street and snaffle some bullrush heads – I’ll do that today and think of you whenever I see them in the house.


  5. I love the first real snow of the year – almost(!) wish I was there to enjoy it. Instead, I’ll enjoy it through your photos – they are beautiful!

  6. Oh, stunning! Love the cattails, it is my favorite plant to bring home for decoration in big vases, but it is even more lovelier in nature and how stunning it looks against the snow.;)

    • Ours hasn’t been much better I swear. However, today, it is actually coming down hard. We could actually see some accumulation for the first time this winter. Hoping some comes your way since you would like it to! Many are in the other camp and would rather it never show up!

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