~~on a whim

~~at the historic Holly Hotel

~~an extra dirty martoonski to start, blue cheese olives please

~~nice sentiments free of charge

~~cozy atmosphere

~~delicious meal

~~with lovely wishes for a bright new year

What a delightful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. May you find things that delight you throughout your week.


35 thoughts on “SUPPER FOR TWO

  1. Lovely post Margie. Lovely dinner for two! Loved the link to the Holly Hotel and the FOOD, the menu looks delicious. I believe I would have to order the Steamed Scottish Salmon. Your photos are the cherry on the sundae! Nah! Your photos are the Blue Cheese Olives please in the extra dirty martoonski!!! Wonderful series of shots of that delicious looking FOOD and the Holly Hotel!

  2. Your photos are amazing. I’ve said that so many times, but it’s so true.
    Your words and photos capture the atmosphere and feel of that special place. Ahhh, so pleasant and inviting. Thanks for sharing the Supper for Two. 🙂

  3. I’d be scared of you if I were them (restaurant owner). You know they are back in the kitchen saying: “That bitch is taking photos. Who cooked her food? Did something get in it? If we get sued………….”

    • Haha, no. We were pretty much the only ones there (late afternoon) and whenever I pull out my camera, I usually offer up that I am a photographer and blogger and that I will be doing a post about their place. Most are happy to oblige. Thank goodness. Glad you posted your haiku!

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