I watched them closely
Following the others lead
On the gilded lake

I’ve always found swans peaceful to watch, silently gliding as they do, almost always in pairs. I photographed these beauties in the early morning hours on a small lake at the Biltmore Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It will always be one of my favorite captures.

Peacefully yours, Margie


  1. This is a truly lovely shot and very descriptive of the word peaceful. I love all the colour in the surface of the lake and the swans add an enchanted feeling. Simply gorgeous, hope your day was peaceful as well.;)

    • You are right to be a bit wary. I know they have a vicious side, being able to strike hard with their massive wings. But when they are gliding silently on the water, they do present a peaceful scene.

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  3. Swans are really beautiful to watch on the river. Last summer my husband and I spent the day by the river watching and feeding ducks and swans. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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