What do YOU want?

He was on a ledge high up the tree, but thanks to my trusty zoom, I captured him  munching away. I actually heard him before I saw him.

I angled around a bit.

He gave me the evil eye…

then dropped his nut, went to leave, but not before he flipped around as if to say, are you through?

I guess I was. Margie

41 thoughts on “What do YOU want?

  1. These are all awesome shots Margie, you are a whizz-kid with a camera!
    I love squirrels but we don’t get them in Oz, so I enjoy your photos of them all the more. This one looks so cheeky! You captured him well.

  2. Love squirrels. When we were in DC we had plenty of black squirrels, and gray. Here we have mostly red squirrels. Love the little critters; and chipmunks, too. Chipmunks are harder to photograph than squirrels.

    • Goodness Gilly, the grey ones ate the red ones?! I’m not sure if these are considered red squirrels. We have this squirrel and lately, I have seen quite a few black squirrels which is unusual in this particular area.

  3. Ha ha, I love your commenting comment–cheeks hurting–but also love that squirrel! Thank you for visiting my outdoor year-long commitment blog. Looks like you have a special blog here, too. Kathy

  4. wonderful images.
    i remember trying my luck a few months back with those evasive creatures.
    I did not succeed in getting images as perfectly as you have 🙂

  5. Nice discovery and photo capture! Isn’t it fun to be one-on-one in close proximity with an animal or bird?! You actually DO get some looks and expressions at times from them as we watch each other, sometimes a little conversation even occurs. Geez, I talk to Blake all the time! And he’s squawked a few times at me too. LOL Yea, Mr/Ms Squirrel gave that, are you through look! Real cute!

  6. Oh my goodness, these shots are incredible.;) What camera do you use? I love the first image, but looking through them all one can almost see the squirrel move. I love that you call it a he.;) Are you sure it is not a girl?;) The blue in your sky is so vivid.;)
    Have a great week,

    • Nope, I don’t really know if it was a he or a she. Didn’t get close enough to find out, LOL! I have a Panasonic Lumix which is depicted in my sidebar. Amazing camera and it fits in my pocket. No special lenses, just ready to roll. LOVE it!

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