365 HAIKU?

You bet my friends. I have decided to write a haiku every day this year. Writing haiku comes easy to me, but doing one daily will be the real challenge. I couldn’t resist creating this cute badge to honor the occasion.

To keep me honest, on Sundays, it is my intention to post them from the prior 7 days.  It will be a peaceful ending or beginning to the week, depending on how you look at it. You will see that some days the theme from the previous day continues. If anything, it is kind of tuff for me to write just one. So, without further adeiu, here they are.

The new year is here
Without snow and/or fanfare
Most certainly peace

A real lack of
Photo opportunities
Thanks to the weather 

My new camera
Sits patiently awaiting
My trigger finger

A haiku challenge
One a day for a whole year
Just have to commit

The grays of winter
Combined with the howling wind
Makes for cold tootsies!

In front of the fire
Playing Words with Friends with friends
Good brain exercise

What a difference
The sun shining through the pane
Makes in one’s psyche

I would like to extend an invitation to my haiku loving buds out there to  post a haiku written by you in the comment section each Sunday. If you wish to join the challenge, let me know and I will send you a little badge thingy.

Off and running, Margie

30 thoughts on “365 HAIKU?

    • Hi Amy,

      I know several people who are doing the River of Stones Project. Good for you. I will definitely be over to check out your entries. Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment.

  1. I, too, started the #365haiku2012 project. It’s one haiku every day. Check it out on my blog, but it’s in Bahasa Indonesia. Same rules (5-7-5) still applies, though. 🙂

  2. Great idea and great haiku’s you’ve posted. Wishing you much luck with your challenge. I look forward to reading your new haiku’s every day. 🙂

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