Don’t let the sun in that last shot fool you. It was bitter cold yesterday when I snapped these. Almost didn’t last as the wind was whipping off the lake. I froze my tuches off! Almost. It’s still there. Bundle up, it’s cold outside!


33 thoughts on “ON THE LAKE

  1. I had to smile. Seems we do have similar tastes. The first photo reminded me of a photo I posted a couple of days ago. And yes, it is cold here, too. Love all your photos. But stay warm.

  2. I had to fix myself a cup of hot chocolate after viewing these. Do your fingers still work after being outside all that time? (Lovely photos)

  3. Brrrr, of course, complete opposite of us, taking the children to the beach here in Australia!! Beautiful snaps, i can do cold but the wind, ouch, my lips!! Of course i’m wanting land in one of the windiest spots in Australia, where there are windfarms, enough said, i’ll cover up in our snowy Winter. Love Posie

    • Enjoy the heat while you can Posie! Although I must say, your winters are very mild compared to winters here, so when any of you downunder whine about it when you are in the throws of it, I chuckle.

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