Sacked out! Hope he makes it back to the North Pole before next Christmas!

I was happy when I woke this morning to find snow flurries and no drizzle. I was determined to get out with Quincy for our walk, camera in hand, to capture something, anything, not expecting much. Nature never lets me down. If you look with zen eyes, there will always be something worth seeing.

Determined hugs, Margie

35 thoughts on “AROUND THE HOOD – PART I

  1. I’m not a fan of snow, but you make it look so nice. Loving the happy written in the snow and WHAT happened to Santa? Looks like someone took a successful hit out on him.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your morning walk, you took some great pics; I love the one with the squirrel up the tree (we don’t have them Down Under) 😦 so it’s always nice to see the cute little fellas!

  3. Thank you for showing us your snow flurries, there is no snow to speak off here;) Only storms.;) Loved all the images, some made me smile.;)
    Happy New Year, may 2012 be a prosperous one for you and yours.;)

  4. Aw cool, you got snow. Your photos are beautiful and capture the charm of the snowy day perfectly.. The santa claus passed out from exhaustion is a peach (or is he just dead tired?) lol

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