Paul headed up north to ring in the new year with friends.
Betsy headed back to New York with David to celebrate there.
The evenings spent with friends are fun memories.
The fridge is empty.
The Christmas decorations are poised to go back in storage.
The house is quiet.
It’s just Michael, Quincy and me.
It was a beautiful holiday season.

You will find me comfy in front of the fire doodling, playing Words with Friends or reading. We will ring in the new year without a lot of hoopla. An early dinner with good friends. I love what a new year represents. Fresh ideas, starts, adventure, routines. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2012 filled with wonder, friendship and creative awakenings.

Two Thousand Eleven Hugs, Margie

38 thoughts on “THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED!

  1. Happy New Year Margie. 1st Jan here, have walked the dog and it is very quiet at the village not one coffee shop open. Another hot day and we are packing our bags to head off to the beach tomorrow.

  2. Wonderful post, Margie! My daughter left last night–I’m exhausted and very happy. Also looking forward to quiet New Year’s eve. Wishing you and yours the best in 2012!!

  3. thank you, dear margie. i am so glad we connected this year! looking forward to years of friendship, thanks to this lovely internet world!

  4. Sounds just like my kind of evening!
    I’d rather ring in the New Year with my dear husband by my side. We go out onto our quiet patio and watch the fireworks from across the island………….then say a prayer to begin another year together. Me and my man and our God!

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