Mary Cassatt’s “Child in a Straw Hat”

My attempt to capture her in pastels.

The new semester of my beloved Monday art class doesn’t start until January 9th, so I thought I would post the pastel I finished at the end of the last class. It is easy to see what I could have done differently, especially looking at them together on this page, but I think it was a decent try as I continue my quest to get comfortable with the medium. This is the largest one I’ve done so far, an 8 X 10. I went outside the box, trying to do a face. Hopefully I will see improvement with each attempt. Practice, practice, practice!  I miss my peach of a teach and art pals already! Margie


  1. It looks great…..I cannot wait to see what your next project idea is! I miss you too! 3 mondays of is too much! Love and Hugs D

      • Hi Margie, Cassatt is a favorite artist. You inspired me to find a book I have in my collection: Cassatt And Her Circle Selected Letters. Edited by Nancy Mowll Mathews. 1984 Cross River Press. The Jacket Front is her painting, The Letter. 1891. Before I began blogging, I found a lot of solace in the letters and memoirs of artists. You create a lovely place for people to visit here!

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