No matter how or where you celebrate Christmas, may you feel joy in your heart.

  Hugs for you and yours, Margie

23 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      • And here … I leave my greetings to you all who pass.
        I discovered that Christmas is not Christmas if you ever miss someone …
        There is a note out of tune … always … anywhere.
        No sadness, but only awareness.
        For some days I want to make peace with myself … not because it’s Christmas … because it’s only fair.
        I leave here my ragged breaths … my … my hopes of ash
        and the search for a different world.

        I leave here my desire …
        yet because I want the gift has not arrived.
        I am 23 years that the issue will come along ….
        Do not close the rest of my house … only silence.
        I throw a bit of that sand on the skin over the eyes … … and continue my journey.
        I want to hug you all … I can not …. But a thought written in the first noise
        in the morning makes me feel more alive and closer to you.

        Will feast …. … You. … A joy for some. Not for others.
        and those are not that count … why … why is it so.

        I wish you a great asset …. No names this year …
        no music … no thoughts … but only a memory of each of you.

        … goodbye.

        ..I hope will be of help ..
        the translator is not always correct …
        I do not speak English .. uff
        Good day beautiful woman

  1. Now that is a gorgeous outdoor Christmas light display, how beautiful!! Yes, joy in my heart, missing my husband & just enjoying the children who love this time of year!! Merry Christmas to you Margie, loving your blog this year!! Love Posie

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