When you least expect it.

I’ve walked the neighborhood behind me for years. Most days I take my camera just in case. I wasn’t going to take it on Saturday. It was gray, no snow. Locked the door behind me. Went back in and grabbed it, just in case. Came upon this rock with pine needles and several pine cones laying on the ground nearby. Arranged them on the rock. Nice. Thought Β it could use some color. Looked up and a foot or so away, something purple caught my eye. It was a piece of broken glass partially covered by leaves.

And I thought there wouldn’t be anything to capture my attention.

Silly me, Margie

43 thoughts on “FINDING BEAUTY

  1. I know you said there was no snow, but the white in the rocks looked to me like a little snow, and with the snow falling on your page, and yes the glass does look like ribbon. WOW so simple yet beautiful indeed for the Holidays! Great creativity!

  2. Yes, I know! We can be so self-absorbed that we miss the beauty that’s all around, and then suddenly the scales fall off our eyes and it’s there, right in front of us. I like the starkness of the first photo best, but they are both beautiful. : )

    • Gilly just mentioned that in her comment and I checked it out. A lovely challenge. I was thinking of doing something very similar but also altering a calendar as well which would kick start art journaling, which I have always wanted to do. So glad you are going to do it Chris. Can’t wait to see what you come up with too. Oh the freshness of a new year!

  3. I want to come live in your neighborhood. Mine is full of squirrels with attitude and wet, droopy stuff. You do have an eye for the unique and beaurtiful. Lovely post.

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