In the quiet of early Sunday morning, a light blanket of snow at my doorstep, exactly one week before Christmas, how do you manage the time you spend in front of your computer tending to your blog, visiting others, leaving comments, exploring new sites that tickle your fancy? Are there certain times of the day you devote to certain areas? I would love to know. Striking the right balance is so important. Your thoughts please.

Sunday morning hugs with a cup of coffee, Margie

17 thoughts on “JUST WONDERING

  1. Margie-
    I’m not good at balancing. I go full tilt until I crash, then do it all over again. I try to pace myself but don’t do so very well. I live the saying- I’ll sleep when I’m dead. this image is stunning. I love the contrasts in dark and light.

  2. Oh, I envy you the snow, it will be no snow for us here this Christmas.;)
    As for blogging, when I was single, I was blogging every day, now days I am happy if I can get to visit everyone two times a week.;) Still would never ever go back to my old life again.;) Happy Monday to you.;)

    • No snow for Christmas here either from what the weather reports say. However, most of the time they are wrong so there is always hope! Again, I feel blogging buds understand and, when you do post we will be there. And when you have time to leave a comment and show up here and there, it makes us smile and we are grateful for it. We all have to do what we can do. So happy you are happy.

  3. This picture speaks to me. I had to study it for a while to figure out why.
    It’s because the wind wheel doesn’t appear to be moving. That’s it. As you (per my blog titie), the morning is the hovering, anticipating waiting time of th day. Full of potential before it unfolds. I love this photo.
    Balance??? I can feel when I’m spinning off center. But stopping and repairing? That’s a whole ‘nother picture. Please keep posting the calmness.

  4. This is a great post, about something I’ve wondered about myself, especially for those who work full time and have families, so I am finding the comments extremely interesting.
    I’m lucky as regards time, because I’m now retired, so I have lots of it – but I still have to manage it otherwise I’d never be off the computer!
    I get up early (5.30am), and over a cup of coffee I go through my email then spend about three hours on WP commenting, reading posts, etc.I have blogging buddies who are now part of my life, we have supported each other through good times and bad and they have become friends; I always look forward to reading their latest post.
    Gardening takes up quite a lot of my time so I try to get out and do what I have to before it gets too hot! Then it’s a shower, change, lunch, then back on the computer for another couple of hours. The computer gets switched off when I start dinner, so the hub and I (and our little dog!), can have some quality time together.

  5. i spend the bulk of my time reading (too many) other blogs in the morning with my coffee. i spend 2-3 hours going thru posts. i seem to work on my own photos and posts in the evenings while the tv plays in the other room.

  6. For me this varies a lot. When I was a full-time student I had more freedom and could read blogs or write new posts whenever I would. These days it’s mostly after work – just as I come home and then again in the evening before bed-time.
    Just like Cecilia I also drink my morning coffee in front of the computer, slowly waking up & checking if any new comments have appeared while I’ve been asleep.

    I also try to play some bass or guitar during the evening and of course we have to make dinner & do other house chores to keep things up to par. Some days when it’s quiet at the office, I can write comments, but there’s not enough time to write anything substantial – just a quick flick with the like-button or a short comment.
    Today (sunday) I’ve spent many hours in front of the computer, reading articles (both bloggers articles & other material), writing a post & commenting.

    Now I’ll put on some good music & spend a few hours cleaning up the apartment (vacuum clean, do the dishes, wash clothes & hang them for drying), decorate for the holidays & wrap up some presents (still have one more to buy, but I’ll do it tomorrow).

    After that I’ll have to make dinner. My wife is working today (everything is open on sunday before christmas), so I’m responsible for all the house chores. Except folding the clothes, which I am not allowed to because apparently I do it all wrong according to her (which is fine by me: folding clothes is not an activity that I feel like I miss).

    Perhaps, if there’s time, I’ll head out in the evening time to check if there’s enough ice in the park to go ice skating. Or I’ll just relax at home while we watch a movie.

    So as you can see, I don’t know if there’ll be time to nurture my painting “career” in between all this. I also wonder how my future schedual will look like when we have kids?!?

  7. hi margie – this is an important question. i teach full-time, have sports-active kids (10 and 14), a house to clean, meals to make, and a husband to enjoy. i really try to go online when my family will not miss me – like right now – they are still sleeping. at the same time, blogging is a joy, and a creative outlet (i have no time to paint) so i want to spend time making my blog as beautiful as it can be. AND i love all my new friends, so i need to take a quick visit and see how they’re doing.

    so i squish it in. early morning, late evenings. i carry my camera. my family knows i enjoy blogging and that i have dear friends from it.

    how do you manage? this is very interesting. blogging feels like a job – a joyful job – but a responsibility. ah! gotta go running! joy and happy sunday!

  8. hmmm…… great post!
    I think that this is something many of us struggle with. I follow a lot of posts, and continually check out new ones. I love to write, too, and photograph whatever I see. I also happen to be a grad student “recreating” and “recareering” my life. In order to maintain balance (I would do nothing with my life but sit in front of the computer otherwise) I devote a couple of hours every morning to wordpress. During the day, if I have a few minutes here or there I’ll jump on again, but only for short periods of time. I prioritize my life so that when “crunches” come, I triage! Courses first! THEN writing my blogs. Finally, I blog-hop. Of course family and self-care trumps everything.

    Blogging has become a part of my life. I didn’t know that was going to happen, but it did. Now I have blog friends that I visit regularly, whom I care about. We share photos, thoughts, triumphs and fears, even painful losses through this medium. I doubt that I will give it up. At any rate, maintaining the balance between the blogs and other important parts of my life are crucial for sanity . . . and to continue blogging.

    I enjoyed your post. And thanks for prodding me to think a little about this. I’m enjoying my first morning cup of coffee right along with you. 🙂

    Have a great day.

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