Rox and I had lunch on Wednesday then went to a matinee to see We had the entire theatre to ourselves. See Rox waving?

Definitely a feel good movie filled to the brim with an all star cast. Ladies, (sorry guys, it is a chick flick) all I have to say is Jon Bon Jovi! I loved Valentine’s Day and this is another one of those, directed by Garry Marshall. Gorgeous shots of New York which made me swoon and wish I was there.

These previews all looked promising which was quite refreshing as usually I am not intrigued by what is out there.

with you know who as the evil queen!


This one I am REALLY looking forward to seeing, as is my hubby, and it is coming out Friday!

Robert Downey Jr., whoa boy. The first one was terrific. This one is suppose to be even better!

Anticipating a thumbs up, Margie

14 thoughts on “PRIVATE SCREENING

  1. Oh what great seats! I sure would love to see the movie you saw and am equally intrigued by the image for the new Snowwhite movie.;) Well, I would actually see all of these you mention here.;)
    ave a great end of the week,

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