but it IS 55 degrees with rain and some sun, so I guess this fits in better than a bulb! Now I ask you, do these photos look like they were taken today, December 15th, ten days away from Christmas?

green grass

~~weeds coming up, or is this an astilbe too?

~~this perennial looking quite chipper

~~my house decorations looking like I left them up from last year! Sigh.

  Maybe the only snow that will be falling will be the flurries fluttering across my blog! If I wanted a warm, snowless Christmas, I would move to the islands. We still have 10 days. I’ll keep doing my snow dance in between doing a rain dance for TexWisGirl. Hey, maybe I’m getting the weather Gods confused with all my gyrating around. Okay, I’ll stop and wish real hard that we all get what we need. Margie


  1. That first picture is so funny.;)
    We too have no snow, even though it is chilly, but in Southern Scandinavia this is common.;) We get White Christmas only every 15 years and considering that last year was white and the one before as well (sensational!), I guess we are now not due one (at least statistically) for a very long time.;))

  2. The weather really doesn’t feel very Christmas like. I agree, the gymshoes aren’t my idea of decor either. It’s amazing the grass is so green and new plants are coming up. I love the lights and ornaments hanging in your leafless tree. It’s a charming scene. 🙂
    What type tree is that?

  3. Hmmm…that’s a lot of green for this time of year if you are in an area where it’s supposed to be snowing. We are only at about 65% of our normal snowfall levels, so we are hoping for snow soon. No snow = possible drought later on.
    I like your purple ornaments!

  4. hmm. rain here, too. indoor recess today (i’m a montessori teacher). so snow, lots. i think it has to do with wearing your pajamas inside out or backwards. good luck! also your pictures are lovely!

  5. Your house design is very unusual, I love it!
    Keep dancing for your snow – it blazing hot here in Oz, it’s our summer. Haven’t seen snow for years, when I was in the UK.

  6. well, your gyrating has been working here for the past 24 hours. we’ve been getting bits of rain, sprinkles, then rain again! at least an inch and 1/2 now! yippee!! so i guess i’d better return the favor and start dancing for snow for you now!!!

    i LOVE the shot of all of your roofs!!! 🙂

    • Let’s not push it T. I don’t want the weather higher ups any more confused than I have already made them. I’ll end up with more rain and you snow!!
      Thanks, we have pretty nifty roof lines on our house.

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