I was drawn to the way these pieces were displayed with natural elements showcasing their beauty. The creations are the work of artist Mick Thomas of Down Under Wood Turning. Mick is originally from Southeastern Australia, but calls Michigan home since 2000. On a recent visit back home, he had a shipment of eucalyptus wood sent to Michigan. The results are stunning. Mick’s pieces are currently for sale at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center’s Holiday Shop.   If you are local, make sure you stop in. There is something for everyone on your list.

G’day mates, Margie

16 thoughts on “TALENT DOWNUNDER

  1. Hi Margie, you see: I ‘m back 🙂 And will continue to come and drop you a visit now and then.
    Thanks for the beautiful nature pictures. I love the warm tones!
    – Pierre

  2. Mother Nature’s gifts in simple settings like is some of the most beautiful art to enjoy.
    MT sure has been blessed with a talent of bringing out the beauty of wood.

  3. I like your new Holiday Header too!

    Those are nice. Did you take the photos? I have always wanted to visit Australia – beautiful country from what I have seen – someday….

  4. G’day Margie!! You know most people in Australia don’t really say “g’day” anymore but it’s a sweet thing to be associated with. Either that or people do say it & we don’t even notice!! We definitely say mate, a lot, especially if you forget someone’s name, then they are your ‘maaaate’.
    My brother-in-law is a wood turning & uses the most amazing Australian timbers, the layers & colours are beautiful. He’s French, go figure!!
    I love that he’s a ‘Mick’ as most Americans woudl shorten Michael to ‘Mike’. So he’s still very Aussie, love Posie

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